Businesses tend to be one of the biggest consumers of energy. The electricity that is employed typically involves sizable units which in turn, lead to higher utility bills at the end of each month. To make things even more concerning, business electricity prices at this time are rising.

Businesses often attempt to reduce overhead costs however, some companies neglect to look into essential factors like comparing who among the teams of business electric suppliers give excellent sources at rates they can agree with.

The total expenses involved in acquiring the services of a business electricity supplier is crucial for lots of businesses, big or small. However, like all things, you will actually get what you paid for. The levels of service that suppliers offer their clients differ, even with those extra services they present. Hence, it is crucial for companies to know what they are settling for when they select a supplier.

Here are some pointers you need to keep in mind when selecting business electric suppliers.

  • Rates

First and foremost, companies need to tackle the issue about electricity rates when looking for a supplier. Experts often recommend that companies settle for a fixed price or fixed term contracts. This is recommended so companies will know precisely the amount they will be recompensing eventually. Those types of agreements will also indicate the period of payment.

  • Level of services

The idea of requesting the assistance of business electricity suppliers offering packages at a super-low cost might appear appealing at first. However you have to watch out for this. Lots of low-cost business electric suppliers have employed customer service staff from other countries to cut expenditures, and this can be exasperating.

This is because most of these foreign customer service representatives do not really know what business electricity companies do. What annoys most customers is that the replies made by these customer service representatives sound canned and practiced.

The good news though is that there are reputable companies which guarantee that their customer service staff is located exactly in the country. It is great to discover a firm which provides a committed staff who will monitor your account, evaluate energy requirements and give helpful support and insight whenever you need some.

  • Additional services

Companies are also interested in extra services that a supplier can present. Some suppliers will be capable of giving their clients with a smart meter. The smart meter is a device which takes away approximated bills and allows companies to keep track of energy use. This, in turn, leads to better decisions when it comes to energy concerns.

  • Payment

Companies should not forget payment modes too. Based on how companies choose to provide payment, they must first ask about their payment methods before signing an agreement or contract.

You have an idea of the factors you need to remember in choosing a good business electricity supplier. Couple it with some research and you as a business owner will make better decisions on which supplier you should go for.



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Everything runs on electricity, and we need it in our everyday lives. The lack of it is a huge inconvenience for all. It is an indispensable and at the same time, precious source. That is why as a business owner, you need to be on top of your game, and this means your electricity has to be taken care of as well. Businesses take up a sizable share of electricity, and this makes them some of the biggest energy users. There are good offers though on business electric rates brought on by energy companies because of deregulation.

It is recommended that companies must compare business electricity rates. It is essential in order for companies to cut down on overhead costs. Plenty of electricity is wasted due to negligence, and comparing costs could save companies a sizable percent on utility bills. Companies can employ a switching company to handle the comparisons in order to save time and work.

Here are some factors companies should be aware of when it comes to business electricity rate comparison.

  1. The total expenses involved with energy use take in the essential costs of what companies pay for electricity. It also consists in observing and being familiar with longstanding factors of the scenario. For example, companies would wonder if a contract with a fixed term will be more beneficial in the end, or a fixed price contract is better. These options may provide lengthier term savings. A fixed price and fixed-term contracts allow companies to settle on a budget over a period decided agreed on.
  2. Companies should also think through service quality. It is essential to examine the saving in total electricity costs, and it is also crucial to take into consideration the kind of customer service the company will rake in from the energy supplier. Excellent customer care can assist companies in keeping track of modifications that might influence the company.
  3. There are energy suppliers who provide additional help or offers which can allow companies to save more. For example, companies can acquire a smart meter which provides control of energy use, expenses and guarantee that the readings are presented promptly.
  4. Companies can also talk about such issues with an energy broker. Energy brokers provide excellent service of handling energy comparisons. They can also give companies advice on methods that will help them save energy. They will get in touch with their clients on any shifts that might have an impact on their account. Energy brokers usually do not ask for a fee for this service since they are capable of claiming their payment from energy suppliers.

These energy brokers also give clients a range of packages and prices. Clients only need to choose a package which suits their requirements and budget. Companies today need to be wise about their energy usage because too much energy is wasted at this time because of carelessness. It is ideal that they start prioritizing energy conservation in order to concentrate on other concerns fully.



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The journeyman electrician is a position on the way to becoming a master electrician. The former does not still possess the real word electrical experience that the latter has undergone. If you want to become a master electrician, you do need to qualify for the journeyman post first. Here are some of the things you need to know about the profession.

Journeyman Basics

In several states where licensing is not required, the journeyman electrician position will be based on the amount of working hours done. This builds up to a number of years’ worth of employment. Some states request a license to display expertise in electrical solutions.

In order to advance from journeyman into master electrician in areas where a license is required, master electrician examinations must be taken then passed by hopefuls. This should be taken after working as a journeyman for roughly 2 years. The test is not really that different to the journeyman exam and examinees need not have increased electrical knowledge.

Only a range of states will only grant journeyman electricians to work jobs while they are doing tasks for master electricians. Thus it is always crucial that you first get the state licensing requirements prior to undertaking any particular electrical jobs in case you are not too sure about the profession.

Journeyman electricians engage in jobs that deal with all areas of electrical tasks like mounting and repairing cables, installing electrical fixtures and devices, operating electrical power lines for towns or cities, affixing control cables for mechanical units, electrical system maintenance and all electricity-related jobs at home or in commercial and industrial areas. Journeyman electricians can also train apprentice electricians who want to get their own licenses.


Here are the requirements needed to become a journeyman electrician.

  • High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma

If you haven’t graduated high school, you can still make it as a journeyman as long as you have your GED.

  • Accomplish 4 years of apprentice work

This is a selection of classroom studies, training and on the job practice. Apprentice electricians are expected to devote at the least 144 hours of school instruction including roughly 2,000 apprentice work hours annually.

Journeyman Salary

When it comes to the pay, working experience is crucial point. Journeyman electricians who have gained at least 4 years of working experience can expect to acquire an annual salary of between $20,000 to $50,000. Following this, journeyman electricians who have gained 10 years’ working experience can expect to witness a rise in their salaries, which clock in between $29,000 to more than $70,000. If they want to stick with the profession, within 20 years they can earn up to $78,000.

Becoming a journeyman electrician of course requires work. In the beginning you do have to sweat it out and do your best. The actual work is not that difficult though, it’s the hard start that you need to get it over with before you become a success in the field. Lots of work will pay off in the end though, so motivate yourself and you will be able to accomplish your dreams of becoming a journeyman electrician.



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The job of an electrician is to deal with electricity-related jobs in residential, commercial and industrial areas. They are also the ones clients hire for electrical system maintenance. Because electricians have a manual job, they do bring with them important tools to get the job done. Here are some pieces that every solid electrician should have in his or her utility bag.

  • Flashlight

The flashlight is an important device for electricians. This item of course provides light in dim areas. Electricians are often obligated to work in areas with poor lighting so a flashlight is a must for most. Furthermore, building components like wire boxes, conduits, pipes, outlets and sockets often come in dark colors.

Even though the area an electrician is assigned in has good lighting, they should never attempt to operate inside smaller areas or feel inside boards and panels without sufficient light. Good flashlights for electricians are lightweight, strong and capable of emitting bright rays of light.

  • Voltmeter

The voltmeter is something electricians should not miss. It will allow them to not only operate effectively and carry out each task successfully, it will also help keep them sage. The voltmeter is a device that is used to measure the electrical potential difference between 2 points inside a circuit. Electricians must never guess the circuit that required to be dealt with does not have electricity passing throughout.

With the hell of a voltmeter, electricians can then check out the circuits and examine whether the circuits are live. Depending on the readings, electricians will be able to tackle the circuits and create a solution for the problem.

  • Wire stripper

Wire strippers are tiny, handheld devices which have the same appearance as scissors. They are used to cut insulation that was undone and surrounds the wire without actually clipping the wire. As soon as the insulation is removed and the wire comes out, electricians can then link those wires to switches, conductors and any item that needs to operate on that particular circuit.

  • Pliers

Pliers serve a variety of functions—pliers can be utilized to tighten or loosen parts, give additional grip for electricians, clip blades for wires, draw wiring throughout locations, twist wiring plus a good load of other purposes.

  • Draw tape

Also called the draw wire and the fish tape, this is a device that electricians use to direct guide strings for replacement wiring throughout pipes, conduits or walls. Draw tape is an extended, reduced strip of medium carbon steel that is curved and positioned on a wheel. Since it is made from medium carbon steel material, it is capable of adapting to a variety of conduits.

Draw tape functions by fastening one end of the string to the draw tape’s end. The draw tape is then driven to the conduit with the attached string.as soon as the tape meets the conduit’s end, the wires are tied to the opposite end of the string. Pull on the string and this would send the wire throughout the conduit’s end.

Electricians can collect as much devices as he can however those mentioned above are the most important due to the items’ versatility and usefulness.



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Lots of people think that electricians only tackle wiring issues or wiped-out fuse boxes. Little do they know that electricians are obligated to undertake thousands of hours’ worth of specialized training, education and experience prior to working for a company, on their own or building their own electrician business.

Education and Other Requirements

Each and every state differs in terms of certifications and licenses for electricians trying to become journeyman electricians or master ones. There are states who obligate thousand hours of particular work with unequivocal direction from a journeyman or master electrician as apprentice electricians. Meanwhile there are some states who bequeath licensing to local municipalities so hopeful electricians might require to be accredited in several cities or counties first to work as valid electricians.

Courses and work experience requirements for electrician differ based on state or local rule. More often than not, a licensing organization will need an electrician to have complete education and experience in wiring residential, commercial, industrial areas, be capable of electrical maintenance, aware of reading blueprints, are capable of planning and laying down wiring and vice versa. These stipulations are put in place to guarantee that the electrician and his clients plus other individuals nearby are safe.

Electricians are obligated to take in ongoing education so as to keep and update their master electrician or journeyman license. The courses will guarantee that the individuals are completely aware of the latest codes for the profession, both locally and with the NEC or National Electrical Code. Electrical codes are given updates every several years and because of such updates, electrical courses need to keep abreast of those changes.

Solar and wind energy are now gaining ground so now there are also courses made available for electricians to keep them updated with the latest technology and provide them more work opportunities. Electrician courses are always required as an integral component of how a local jurisdiction or municipality give licenses to electricians. Careers dealing with electricity carry huge risks so it is important that individuals who want to work as electricians need to know all of the steps and work experience needed in order to undertake safe jobs. Work experience is essential and it always composes the majority of hours required to get a license.

If you settled on an electrician post for a profession, you must look for the requirements needed by the state, city or country. The first thing you need to do is get into a good electrician trade school program, acquire an apprenticeship and gather more experience to qualify for a journeyman electrician post. You do need to work hard first before becoming a full-fledged electrician.

It does pay off in the end because master electrician posts are one of the highest paid jobs around. Master electricians are provided with thousands of dollars annually for doing repairs, maintenance and other jobs related to electricity at home or in commercial and industrial areas. Like any other job, it needs dedication and complete focus for hopefuls to accomplish their dreams.



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Regardless of how big your business is, you can still manage expenses for energy consumption. There are ways to do it. You can choose to change behaviors within the company and encourage staff to apply practical ways to lessen energy use, you can change energy providers or strike a deal with an eco-friendly company. Here are additional tips for trimming your utility bills.


  • Become more environment-friendly

The call to become more eco-conscious is stronger than ever. It is true though that environment-friendly measures allow consumers and businesses to cut back on utility bills. Instead of using high-powered lighting systems, you can choose to replace all lights in the office with energy-efficient ones. If the lights are not needed, you can turn them off. Email clients and correspondents instead of printing messages.

You can also get a smart meter since this device lets users check on their energy usage. Its presence also makes people become aware of the steps they need to undertake in order to cut energy costs.

  • Watch out for those out of contract rates

If you have just moved to another location, then you could still be shelling out for out of contract fees. These fees are drastically higher compared to common rates. If you get into an agreement or contract, they will reduce your energy bills in an instant. Guarantee the period when you need to renew the contract so you can remain with the company or change to another provider altogether. Do not deal with a firm who routinely renews the contract or agreement.

  • Assess tariffs

We often compare prices for products and choose the one which price justifies its features. The same can be said about business electricity companies. As an owner, you do not just get into a deal with the first company you talk with. You gather options and assess which one is the best deal for your company. Look around and discover which among them offers a rate you can agree on. Also, do not be intimidated by changing rates since this will help you save money eventually.

  • Paying at a lower price might not be practical

If in case your energy bills did drop significantly, then you must inform your electricity provider about this predicament, at the soonest time possible. This drastic reduction might sound like a minor issue, even a benefit for some but remember lapses in energy bills can happen. You do not want a huge backlog of bills, do you?

If the supplier though was careless about allowing such lapses to accumulate, you can take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.

  • Look for grants

There are cost-effective loans and grants for energy-efficiency investments made available for smaller companies or businesses. If you manage one and need an option that helps save you money, you can look for such offers.

Smaller businesses have a hard time keeping electricity costs down. Owners have to guarantee that there will not be any unforeseen fees in case the numbers involved are smaller than usual. Remember these helpful tips and discover options which will match you and your company.



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Electrical work needs certain tools to accomplish a multitude of tasks. Electricians use these tools every day.


1. Fish Tape

A fish tape is a tool composed of narrow spring steel. It is useful in pulling the guide string inside confined spaces in order to pull through different wire types like speaker wire, network cables, and phone wire. It is not advisable to use the fish tape to pull the wire directly because this will warp or damage the tape. Often, the electrician uses cable lube to help him pull the wires through a pipe.

2. Tape Measure

A tape measure is a ribbon made from metal strip, fiberglass, plastic, or cloth with measurement markings. An electrician uses it to measure heights for outlets and switches. He may also use it to align lighting fixture boxes.

3. Voltmeter

A voltmeter is a tool that measures the electrical potential of two points in a circuit. An analog voltmeter can move across a scale proportionately to the circuit’s voltage. Consequently, a digital voltmeter has a numeric display of the voltage. An electrician uses a portable voltmeter to verify live circuits and check voltages.

4. Hammer

A utility hammer is useful in securing boxes with nail-on brackets. An electrician often uses it to drive Romex straps when he adds Romex wiring in a house.

5. Channel Lock Pliers

An electrician uses channel lock pliers to tighten Romex connectors, take out knockouts from boxes, and adjust ceiling fan boxes.

6. Wire Strippers

Wire strippers cut wire insulation. They come with cutting teeth of different sizes for different wire sizes. Most of them have a portion to cut the wire.

7. Non-contact Voltage Detector

An electrician uses a non-contact voltage detector to check for the existence of current flow or voltage. Some of these voltage detectors have a switch, while the others are automatic. An electrician will just need to put the voltage detector beside a cord, breaker, or wire to check for electric current flow.

8. Side Cutter Diagonal Pliers

Also called side snips, side cutter diagonal pliers can cut electric wires. An electrician uses them to trim wires in tight areas. Some models of this kind of pliers can also detect live wires.

9. Linesman Pliers

Linesman pliers are multi-purpose pliers. An electrician can use them in twisting, cutting, and gripping wires for pulling. The squared-off end is perfect for twisting wires. The center blade cuts the wires while the grip area pulls wires.

10. Torpedo Level

An electrician uses a torpedo level to ensure that his work is plumb and level. An excellent installation begins with aligned outlet covers and switch.

11. Flashlight

A flashlight comes in handy when an electrician works in a limited lighting area.

12. Allen Wrench

It is useful in tightening screws in an electrical panel.

13. Razor Blade Knife

An electrician uses a razor blade knife in cutting insulation off from Romex wires. Also, he uses it to open boxes.

14. Philips Screwdriver

An electrician finds Philips screwdriver useful in installing Philips-head screws.

15. Straight-Blade Screwdriver

This tool is useful for straight-slot screws. It varies in size, so an electrician needs to own most of them.


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Many businesses today operate with the help of electricity. Because these businesses entail the use of a larger amount of electricity, their utility bills are often through the roof. Companies at this time are concerned with the growing costs of electricity usage, so they are now considering the use of alternative sources of energy to power their businesses. Here is what you should know about these things.

Substitutes for Standard Energy Sources

Coal is considered to be responsible for all of the electricity used in the United States, with gas and petroleum behind it. Due to the rise of global warming and highlighting the need for cleaner air, many companies right now agree that alternative sources of energy are the way to go. One good substitute for those common energy sources is solar power.

Solar panels and cells have improved thanks to technology. They are more efficient at this time especially when producing energy on cloudy, grey days. Before a business decides on installing one though, they need to create a cost and benefit evaluation that measures against their latest electricity consumption with the assembly of solar panels together with the expected costs for its maintenance.

In case the expected savings are sufficient, deicing on environment-friendly energy use is a pretty simple decision for plenty of companies. This can lead to drastic savings on the business’ utility bills. California today has a progressive stance on lots of areas including energy. It is one of the biggest states in the country so major decisions like eco-friendly energy usage can trickle down to the rest of the country and inspire other states to do so.

In fact, a major utility firm in the region has agreed to a deal to purchase solar power in order to reduce electricity costs. The decision was pushed by the state’s aim to authorize the region’s reliance on fossil fuel sources. This move has led to one of the biggest agreements made for solar power in the country.

However, it is not only solar power which can help you cut back on energy costs. Commercial establishments in New York are also considering the benefits of wind power as a means to provide electricity for businesses. ConEdison, which is a foremost electricity supplier, noticed a fast sales increase of their services in the past few years. This is an example that indeed, businesses are a great target market for alternative energy resources.

Climate change has shown a significant impact on our environment. This change has led to unpredictable weather and extreme weather patterns in specific regions of the world. Alternative or green energy might turn into a lucrative business in the future.

The long-term usage of fossil fuels has made a negative impact on our environment, and with the advent of alternative sources of energy, the need for these fossil fuels will be lessened. It has a good range of benefits which consumers and businesses can take advantage of. This might be the period in which all of these new technologies might be finally appreciated by many.


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This is the best time to become an electrician because of the huge development of technology in our shores. While the profession is a challenging one due to the exams, experiences and practices involved, it does pay off in the end. Being a master electrician or an electrical contractor are considered to be two of the highest paying careers in the electrician business.

You need to accomplish academic training first so look for a program that will give you the incentives to become an excellent electrician. As soon as you have finished studies, you then gather experience and get more journeyman electrician credibility by becoming an apprentice electrician.

Acquiring the journeyman electrician job is crucial since it will give you a higher salary and it also leads to a great number of working opportunities. For example, journeyman electricians can acquire more than $60,000 annually, which is bigger compared to other jobs.

Here are more reasons why it pays to become one.

  1. You will get great respect from your peers

Because of the tasks electricians are made to do, it is no wonder that people have utmost respect for electricians. This is a post that everyone agrees with—it is not only a position that people from the building industry highly regard, but among people who have acquired university degrees too. Becoming an electrician takes a great deal of capability and specialist smarts to tackle the remarkable and dangerous characteristics of electricity.

  1. You do not have to work so much

While being an electrician can be challenging, as a licensed one, you will not be required to work so hard in order to complete the task. Solid electricians know that to be a good one, you have to make use of your head, not only your physical capabilities. Furthermore, every job that you will undertake is not the same so projects are varied, which makes the position interesting. You will not be stuck in a rut because there is always something new to look forward to.

  1. You are your own boss

Deciding to be an electrician opens doors for individuals to manage their own working hours. As soon as you have sufficient capabilities and acquired the needed experience, you will be capable of turning into your own boss. You can manage the amount of work you want to take in. You can also indicate your own rates and keep majority of the profits for yourself. You will be enriching yourself, not other people.

  1. It is a job that pays very well

The electrician profession is highly regarded and if you pursue becoming a master electrician or electrical contractor, then you get to have a bigger salary too. Electrical contractors and master electricians enjoy taking in thousands of dollars every year.

So if you want excellent income, a profession that is respected well and gives you the chance to work for yourself and not for other people up the ladder, then do not hesitate to try an electrician post. Sure you do have to apply elbow grease in the beginning but eventually, all that hard work will pay off down the line.



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The expanse of studying and commitment required to be a good master electrician might prove to be a challenge. However, with enough hard work and perseverance, your patience will pay off ultimately. If you want to be on top of the pay scale in this industry, you need to exert more effort. Start by reading this article to know more about the profession.

Requirements for Becoming an Electrician

Here are some of the steps one needs to take to acquire the profession.

  • Spent two years training at an electrician trade school program
  • Passed exams to become apprentice electrician
  • Spent work as an apprentice electrician for 2 years
  • Passed exams for journeyman electrician
  • Worked the field as a journeyman electrician for 2-4 years
  • Passed state master’s electrician’s licensure exams

For individuals who are willing to become a success in this particular field, you need to take those steps. Master electricians and electrical contractors are two of the most highly-coveted and paid jobs in this industry.

Committing to the Profession

Master electricians who do work in residential areas dedicate several years of academic training and a handful of years working as an apprentice electrician. After spending time as an apprentice electrician, they do work to pass journeyman electrician exams for 2-4 years before taking licensure exams to the master electrician post. Hence the time spent to become a top master electrician spans 6-8 years. That is, if the person is capable of achieving the studies involved in a timely manner and acquire steady work.

There is no doubt that this is the kind of devotion not all individuals are ready to make. There are people who would instead opt for professions that only involve a short period of training and work right after. There are shorter training programs one can undergo by means of cable firms and telecommunications companies that will train individuals to become telecom technicians.

But these persons will never attain the higher payouts of master electricians. So if you are after more profit, doing all the hard work involved in becoming a master electrician will pay off in the end.

Eligibility for the Job

Individuals who do not mind working out of doors might be suited to take on jobs as an outside lineman for a power company. Each and every electric company come with their own stipulations for electrician training. Some of these firms also offer training for persons who want to work as outside lineman. Pay for an outside lineman is very high and is typically on top of the rate scale in the electrician industry.

Keep in mind that an outside lineman’s job also carries huge risks and it can be a very tiring job. Outside linemen often operate with high-voltage wires and their tasks engage people to get into demanding activities like ascending power poles.

An outside lineman’s job also requires them to operate in all types of weather and situations. They need to work any time of the day, regardless of the condition. Hence, before dedicating yourself to any kind of electrician training for an outside lineman post, make sure that you are ready for the job.



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